Tungnath Trek - The Highest Shiva Temple In The World


Tungnath Temple
When we reached Chopta, there were slight showers and we were not prepared for it.
Shops were selling polyethene raincoats for INR 40/- They are delicate and can tear with slightest pressure. If the rains are heavy it is advisable to carry a spare raincoat.

Horses can be hired to carry people, so there is an option for elderly travelers. We however, hired a horse to drop our luggage at the top.

Horse for carrying luggage till Tungnath:

One way : INR 600
Both ways (return either same day or next) : INR 1000

You pay only after the service. The horse porters are trustworthy and will not tamper with your luggage.

After an easy climb of about 30 mins, you reach the beautiful bugyal or meadow of Chopta. It is here that you realize that Chopta is rightly known as Mini Switzerland of India! There is one dhaba here who can supply food and snacks, so camping here is possible. We decided to climb till Tungnath the same day and camped on the hill top.

(More pictures of Chopta here - Chopta - Mini Switzerland of India)

Note: A lot of horse dung on the way which gets worse with rains.

Warning: Do not try to take shortcuts while climbing as the mud is very soft and people have fallen and hurt themselves. Also, falling in horse dung is not worth the risk. please follow the path

The climb from Chopta to Tungnath is paved and a beautiful one! 

And finally we arrive the small settlement at Tungnath mostly consisting of Priests and dhabas:


And the first view of Tungnath

Tungnath Temple
It took us about 2-2.5 hours at a leisurely pace and we reached Tungnath by 7pm. We set up our tent and were ready for dinner by 7.30 pm at a nearby dhaba. After a dinner of rotis, dal and aloo jeera, we called it a night!

Our campsite in the morning
Shots from our campsite:

Note: You can also stay at any of the 3-4 dhabas for a cost of about INR 100 – 200 per head per night.

Network: No. Only BSNL, we were told.

Power to charge phones: The dhabas let you charge only for a short while. Use sparingly.

Cost for setting up tent: None.

Washroom facility: There are a couple of washrooms, belonging to, I am not sure who. You may or may not get to use it.

Next morning, we climbed further, read - Trek to Chandrashila

This was a part of our 5-day trip. Find itinerary here - Deoriatal - Chandrashila - Mana
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  1. Such an amazing and enlightening post! It's great to know that Mini Switzerland of India exists! Your tips, advice and suggestions are good for those wanting to visit!

  2. Looks like such an incredible experience, one that you will cherish and not ever forget. I love the way you've laid out this post, great to know little things like hiring horses to carry you or the luggage up to the top, must have felt really liberating without having to carry the luggage. Great Post :D

  3. Great post, love the photos :) cheers Yogita