Mana to Rishikesh - How To Get There


At 6:30 am we started walking towards the gate of Mana village to find a transport to Badrinath. There is no regular transport, however chances of finding a shared jeep is high, and we found one at that hour.
The jeep would take some time to depart, so we decided to load our luggage and take a walk instructing the driver to pick us up on the way. The locals can be trusted with your things however we kept the valuables with us.

We walked for about an hour taking pictures and enjoying the view of the Himalayas.

NeelKanth Peak
Neelkanth Peak

Our jeep then picked us up as instructed and in about 10 mins we reached Badrinath.

Badrinath temple with hot water springs

Badrinath temple

Badrinath temple

After a visit to the Badrinath temple we walked about 500m to reach the bus stand. We chose to take a shared jeep.

No direct jeeps are available to Rishikesh, but its always a faster option than bus. However jeeps don't leave till they fill up, which can take a long time.

Note: There are direct buses from Badrinath to Rishikesh. They will cost lesser but are much slower.

Badrinath to Chamoli
Started at 9:00 am reached at 12:00 noon
INR 200/-

Chamoli to Rishikesh
Started at 1:00 pm reached at 8 pm
INR 400/-

Stopped for lunch on demand/request.

If you are travelling further from Rishikesh, make sure you keep enough time to reach your boarding points. Our bus boarding point to Delhi was about 30 mins from where the jeep dropped us.

There are many buses to reach Delhi from Rishikesh, so an advanced booking is not necessary.

Tip : Do not sit in the back seats of the jeep if you are not used to traveling in the ghats. For long journeys it can get pretty uncomfortable. You can request the driver to get you a seat in the front or middle. Take an tablet if you suffer from motion sickness.

Note: Do not eat heavy meals in case you suffer from motion sickness. Jeep guys stuff more people than the capacity. You are really cramped!

Left Rishikesh at 8.30 pm and reached Delhi by 2.30 am for our flight home!

This was a part of our 5-day trip. Find itinerary here - Deoriatal - Chandrashila - Mana
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  1. Wow, those hot water springs there look beautiful. I don't know why I never would have though a place like that existed in India. Just shows why I need to visit the country. I'll be sure to keep this in mind for when I visit Badrinath.

  2. I am yet to visit Badrinath, despite having visited Rishikesh some million times in my life. Those hot water springs look beautiful, I have never seen such image before. Waiting for the right time to visit Badrinath.

  3. I've never been to India but I have experienced my fair share of jeep and bus trips elsewhere, like in Indonesia and South-East Asia. They always pack too many people into them. Your tip, not to sit in the back applies for all vehicle transport! Every pothole and sway of the vehicle can be felt much stronger in back than in the middle...
    Funniest story I remember is from Bohol, Philippines: there the bus waited to be filled up, then drove a circle around town to collect various building materials to go onto the roof. We thought: okay, now the trip will start. No, he drove back to the bus station, stopped again, and handed out wooden boards to span the aisle between the seat rows. Only when these were full did he take off. :D

  4. This post is useful for anyone traveling in this area of the Himalayas. Ut's good to know that the shared jeeps are faster than the bus.

  5. Hot springs and incredible mountain views? Sign me up. This looks like a fantastic location for trekkers.

  6. Nice travelogue. That hot water spring - people bath in that?
    You did well walking part of your journey, lovely pics in the process.

  7. Hmm I do suffer from motion sickness quite badly so this sounds like a tough trip for me! I hate how all the most beautiful places are the hardest to get to! I've got used to taking tablets & wear travel bands too for the acupressure points.

  8. Beautiful place in the Himalayas. It's impressive to see all the steam from the hot springs in a place that high! Nice pictures

  9. The pictures are beautiful and bring alive the natural beauty of the region. Badrinath of course is one of India's iconic temples and a must visit. Your tips for the jeep ride are indeed useful.