Deoriatal Trek And A Beautiful Morning


Our day-long travel from Delhi to Sari ended and the jeep dropped us to the starting point of the trek. We hired a porter for INR 1000 one way.
There are many other porters available there but to our bad luck we found a not-so-good guy. Since we were too tired after having traveled whole day and it was getting dark, we had to compromise.

A well laid out pathway  from Sari village leads to Deoriatal. 

The climb of Deoriatal

Random images of the climb
Random images of the climb

After climbing for about 2 hours you are welcome by a beautiful lake in the meadows with ice capped mountains as the backdrop, pine trees all around with lush green grass as your carpet!

Camp site from different angles

Camp site from different angles

Camp site from different angles

Tip: Try to reach as early as possible in daylight. Bargain as the right price is INR 500-600.

Note: Sari to Deoriatal trek is through a well laid out path. If you are able to carry your luggage, you don't need any porter or guide.

The trek path is dark and it's advisable to carry a torch. It is about 1.5-2 hours worth of an easy but steep climb.

There are a couple of dhabas on the way very close to the campsite. We had dinner there and then continued to the campsite and pitched our tent. 
The dhaba guys making food for us

Dhaba owner cooking our meal

Hot water is available for drinking. Packaged water is also available, however the water from the mountains is very clean, drinkable and tasty.

By the time we reached our campsite, it was pitch dark and we had no idea of our position in the meadow. 

The 'GOOD' morning

At about 7 am, inside our tent, we woke up to the sounds of footsteps and conversations of people. We opened the tent door without any expectations, to an astonishing view of the Chaukhumba peak. This was our first ever live view of ice capped mountains. It took us a while to let the feeling sink in and believe that this was all real.
Image shot after when the peaks were cover with cloud

The campsite is a beautiful meadow covered with pine trees. You can take a walk along the lake and a little off to get a better view of the Chaukhumba peak. 

A view of the campsite

A walk along the lake 
A walk along the lake

A walk along the lake

A resident of Deoriatal

A random view from one of the corners of Deoriatal
Beautiful trees around the tent

The site is maintained by the government so there are dustbins and a care taker.

The Govt. office and the care taker.

Wild animals: There are no predators or dangerous wild animals as per what the care taker told us.

Supplies and food: There are few dhabas, 5 minutes' walk away from the campsite and provide you with basic meals, maggi, tea/coffee, packaged water and snacks.

Meals cost - INR 100 (Rice Dal, Roti and Sabji (mostly potato))
Breakfast - INR 40 per Aloo Paratha
Tea - INR 15
Coffee - INR 30

Cost for setting up tent: INR 150 per head + INR 50 for tent. Officially collected by the forest department

Washroom facility: None. The meadows are your limit! There are plenty of places where you may find solitude ;). You can get water from the dhabas or the forest office. 

Network: Only BSNL. Make any calls at Sari village itself as you may not get any network further on. 

Power to charge phones: Charging points are available at Sari village, you can ask the shop keepers for help. Many of them do not have a smartphone so please carry your own charger. The dhabas at Deoriatal only use solar power. Even if they agree, they will only let you charge your phone for a short while. Use sparingly.

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  1. Certainly a beautiful destination. So much naturally lovely scenery but I still have no idea where on Earth this is. The snow-capped mountains made for a great surprise, huh?

  2. Deoriatal looks like such a beautiful place to camp - but that path up there sure does looks steep! It must be worth it for those mountain views - what an awesome surprise to wake up to!

    Good tip about the dhabas too - handy to know there are a few around where you can get food and snacks. And very helpful to know the prices to expect.

  3. Looks like a lovely hike and serene place to camp. The lake is beautiful and the views of the ice capped mountain are amazing. How cool to wake up to that view. Glad that there are no wild animals as that would be my biggest fear!

  4. I'm not a huge trek/camp kinda person but this looks so amazing I'm thinking I could make an exception! beautiful area for sure

  5. The view from your tent is amazing! This sounds like such an adventure, and I loved your photographs! I'm a big hiker, and this brings me back memories from all my hiking in the mountains in Peru :)

  6. This looks like a spectacular trek in India. I love when a trek feels like a true adventure. I love that it's incredibly affordable too! That always piques my interest!

  7. What a pretty spot to hike and camp. I'm such a sucker for mountain peaks. They're such a source of solitude for me. Love the practical tips about the food and amenities available or not at the campsite. It's so important to be prepared in order to have a successful adventure.

  8. It looks like such a beautiful place! I'm not much of a camper myself, although I love being in the great outdoors. Is it possible to do a day trip here?

  9. I am yet to visit Deoriatal, and your post and those beautiful pictures made me nostalgic about all the treks that I have done in the Himalayas! This is so much like my kind of travel and I would love to do this! Thanks for all the details.

  10. Sorry to hear that you got a bad porter. That always sucks :( But it’s good to know that if you can carry your own luggage you don’t need a guide – and the Sari to Deoriatal trek does looks absolutely lush. Such beautiful nature! That really is an astonishing view of the Chaukhumba peak to wake up to!