Delhi to Sari (starting point of Deoriatal Trek) - How to Get There

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Delhi to Deoriatal route:

Delhi - Rishikesh - Rudraprayag - Ukhimath - Sari

1. Delhi to Rishikesh:

There are a lots of trains and buses from Delhi to Rishikesh round the clock. Though we had done prior bus bookings (INR 900 for an AC sleeper), it is not necessary. You easily get sleeper buses from INR 500 onward from ISBT Kashmere Gate.

2. Rishikesh to Ukhimath:

We reached Rishikesh at about 8.30 am. Buses may or may not drop you to the Rishikesh bus stand. Our bus dropped us on the highway outside the city.

We got a shared auto till the city (INR 30).
 Another auto dropped us to the bus stand (INR 10). This was a short ride of about 2 minutes.

Clean washroom facility is available free of cost near Rishikesh bus stand. Unfortunately the men's washroom was under maintenance, but the ladies one was working fine.

Food is available as its a regular town area. Common options will be aloo paratha, rajma chawal, dal chawal.

We missed the direct bus to Ukhimath. So, had to take a bus till Rudraprayag which departed at 9:30.

The drive is beautiful and the view of Ganga doesnt leave you for a long time!

Rishikesh to Rudraprayag
Bus - INR 200 
Reached by 2pm

Rudraprayag to Ukhimath
Shared jeep - INR 200
Reached by 5pm

3. Ukhimath to Sari:
We missed the last bus to Sari (which departed just as we reached at about 5 pm) and were on a look out for a shared jeep. There was less hope of finding a transport to Sari. To our luck, we found a school kids' jeep who offered us a drop to Sari.

Keep a watch as there might be someone who is looking for passengers from the non regular taxi lot. Private taxis are available but are unreasonably expensive. However, you can stay at Ukhimath, worst case. 

Ukhimath to Sari
Shared jeep - INR 30/-
Reached by 6pm

Please Note

1. Dehradun airport is closer to Rishikesh/Haridwar and would actually save you time.

2. The way from Delhi to Sari is through ghats. In shared jeeps, do not sit in the back seat. Sit in the front or middle. For long journeys it can get pretty uncomfortable. Take a tablet if you suffer from motion sickness.

3. Do not overeat during these journeys.

4. Carry energy bars as oily street food might aggravate any discomfort while travelling.

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