Chopta - Mini Switzerland of India


After a rather successful Chandrashila trek we came down to Tunganath and had lunch at the Dhaba. We decided to descend down further and camp at Chopta. We hired a horse to carry our luggage down and bid adieu to Tungnath at 3 pm.

The walk down is very beautiful specially during early evening when the sun is setting behind the far away mountains.

The decline form Tungnath with a breath taking view of the setting sun
We reached Chopta Meadows at about 7 pm. It was dark and had started raining again.
The Dhaba and the meadow behind

The Dhaba we stayed at  in the background
The Dhaba room. Was pretty cozy and warm.

We then decided not to camp out in the rains as we wanted to leave early morning to Mana. The dhaba owner offered us his room at INR 100 per head.

It rained a lot in the night and we were thankful for not having camped outside.

The Dream Morning at Chopta
Well, they call Chopta the mini Switzerland! Here's why!

A walk behind our Dhaba
We woke up to the sounds of goats and sheep from the small window in the room we stayed. The view out of the window with a backdrop of ice capped mountains, shepherds' colony and a whole flock of sheep and goats compelled us to get out into the Meadows.
The view from our dhaba window

That's where we stayed

Lush green meadows invited us for a long walk and we entered the shepherds' colony to take some good photographs.

This part of Chopta is definitely a mini Switzerland and it is worth spending a day here.
Left at 7.30 am after a breakfast of Maggi at the dhaba to catch the 8 am bus towards Mana. We had spare Maggi packets which the dhaba guy cooked for us for INR 20/-.

Network: No. Only BSNL we were told.

Power to charge phones: None.

Cost for setting up tent (if you do, we didn’t): None.

Washroom facility
: None.

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This was a part of our 5-day trip. Find itinerary here - Deoriatal - Chandrashila - Mana
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  1. Ohh, it really does look like Switzerland! I haven't been to India but to Switzerland and it definitely could have been the Swiss Alps! Chopta Meadow looks so stunning! The lighting seemed to be perfect for taking pictures. My favourite one is the picture with the two goats though, looks soooo damn cute haha!

  2. Those views are so pretty! If I didn't know where you were, I would have guessed Switzerland because it really does look like it!

  3. beautiful. Specially the sunset looks fabulous

  4. Those mountain views are spectacular. Love to read about places I've never heard of!

  5. I had no idea of this place. I'm gonna add this to my travel list. Thanks!