Chopta to Mana - How to Get There

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Route from Chopta to Mana:
Chopta – Gopeshwar – Chamoli – Joshimath – Badrinath -Mana
After exploring Chopta for more than an hour, we were ready with our backpacks at 7:30 am, eating the last bite of a Maggie breakfast.

We were headed to Chopta town to catch the 8:00 am bus to Gopeshwar. It's a km long walk down the hill. We reached the town after 20 mins of comfortable walk. 

The bus timings cannot be trusted. Though we were there 10min before time, we ended up waiting till about 9:00am with no sign of the bus. Finally to our luck we found a shared jeep to Gopeshwar.

This 4 legged villager entertained us till we found the jeep, we got him a bread. I am sure he is now motivated to entertain more travelers! :D

The jeep trip was a challenge as the back seats were bad and the route made us both sick. So ideally, get a bus or a front/middle seat in a jeep.

Chopta to Gopeshwar
Shared jeep - INR 150
Reached by 10.30 am

Our co-passengers were a set of 3 elderly gentlemen who were travelling to Badrinath. As most of the shared jeeps wait to fill their seats, our newly formed team would easily fill up the jeep at a faster pace.

Gopeshwar to Chamoli
Shared jeep – INR 20
Reached by 11 am

Chamoli to Joshimath
Shared jeep – INR 90
Reached by 1.30 pm

Note: The taxi dropped us at Joshimath taxi stand, but to get a Badrinath jeep we had to walk about half a km through the town. There is no choice but to walk the distance with your bags.
Recommended: Look for a direct shared jeep from Chamoli to Badrinath – INR 200. Also a private taxi / jeep can cost about 2000/- (Need to bargain a bit)

Joshimath to Badrinath Temple
Shared jeep – INR 100
Reached by 3.30 pm

Badrinath Temple to Mana:
We requested the same taxi guy to drop us further – INR 200. Reached Mana by 4pm.

Note: Ask your shared jeep to drop you at Badrinath bus stand (you anyway pass through the bus stand to go to the temple). Shared jeeps are available from Badrinath bus stand to Mana – INR 20/-. 

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This was a part of our 5-day trip. Find itinerary here - Deoriatal - Chandrashila - Mana
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