Trek to Chandrashila

The Chandrashila temple on the peak

We climbed from Chopta and camped at Tungnath the previous night to trek to Chandrashila to catch the first rays of the sun.
The ideal time to start is 4.30 am to get the infamous mesmerizing 360 degree view of the peaks. However due to bad weather and heavy rains we couldn't step out that early.

The weather was under control by 7 am but we didn't step out as the sunrise would anyway be missed. At about 10 am after breakfast and a visit to the Tungnath temple we started the trek to Chandrashila summit.

The beginning of the Chandrashila Trek

The look down after a half way trek

A 1.5 hours of a moderately steep 2 km ascend brings you to Chandrashila summit. The climb is beautiful with a good view of the mountains and the lot of grassland. The trek is not paved like Tunganath, but it is not very complex either.
There are 2 ways, so a board points you in the right direction

A rough climb but not as bad

This is how the path is in the begining

Random landscapes on the way

View from half way up. That's our tent if you can notice

A random view when the clouds appear

When you reach the peak, a small temple welcomes you. The area around the temple has a lot of space to hang out, the air is as clean as it was supposed to be and the temperature can play tricks on you by switching within minutes.

The temple door and a piled stones
The temple area is filled with stones piled up as shown in the picture. Some people say that it's a way of making a wish, however one local guy rubbished the claim and said it was just a mark saying 'I was here' and had nothing to do with any ritual or belief.

Ample of space on top
Everything was perfect but the clouds seemed to be possessive about the ice caps so we didn't get a single view of any ice peak. After waiting for almost 2 hours, we started climbing down.

Waiting for clouds to clear to get a view

View on the other side. No ice peaks here

Pro tip: Just like in life, when you travel, things will not always be in your favour. Suck it up and move on!

Tips: People with fear of heights should be extra careful on the trek. Though there is nothing dangerous, you will have to walk over wet stones with no support on one side.

Please carry dry food & water in case you have to wait for the clouds to clear like us.

After we descended we had lunch and bid a goodbye to Tungnath. Our next plan was to camp at Chopta where we reached by 6.30pm.

This was a part of our 5-day trip. Find itinerary here - Deoriatal - Chandrashila - Mana
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  1. 430am start YIKES! But it looks like it was worth the early morning call.

  2. Gosh, that 4.30 am start would have been super early, but still, so sorry the weather did not cooperate for you to be able to see the sunrise. At least you were able to get a more leisurely start to the day and the climb! Views look glorious!

  3. Such a wonderful journey. I have been doing this same trek in my dreams for several years now, all from the images I see in blogs. Indeed a miss there about the sunrise, may be another trip there should compensate for it.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Oh my, when I get up at 4:30am to start a hike I expect to have fantastic sunrise views. Such a bummer that the weather wasn't great. That's always the worst. But sounds like you made the most of it anyway. Your photos are divine - I'd love to try this hike someday!

  6. Love the piled rocks at the temple, hoping you left a 'I was here' mark as well!

  7. This looks absolutely stunning! I love treks that leaving you feeling spiritual. The temple looks beautiful as do those views! I hate when a trek doesn't turn out how you imagined, but you still got to see so much. It leaves something for next time, right?

  8. That is an early start but you were rewarded with amazing views! As hard as it can be to get up and going that early, it is very serene and head-clearing to start your day trekking in nature.

  9. I'm glad that the weather ended up cooperating for you after all! It looks like such a wonderful trek and a very memorable experience. I love going for hikes like these so it gives me many ideas for future travels :)

  10. I bet that the sunrise would have been epic - such a bummer that the weather didn't cooperate. Still I suppose every cloud has a silver lining, and getting to sleep in a little is not a bad silver lining at all! Looks like you still had some beautiful views even if the clouds kept you from enjoying the ice peaks!